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A faulty furnace can turn a good day into a bad one quickly. If your furnace just isn't working the same, Robert Hughes Heating & Cooling has a solution. Turn to us for heating repair services. We work with a variety of gas and electric systems to find the root of the problem and resolve issues fast so that they never happen again.
Sit back and relax while we repair your furnace quickly. Call today to speak with one of our experts in the Conway, SC area.

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When to have your furnace assessed for repair

How can you tell when it's time for a furnace repair? Here are several reasons your furnace needs to be checked by one of our heating repair experts:

  1. The system smells funny. If your furnace smells odd, you should arrange for heating repair services.
  2. It's making a strange noise. If your furnace is making a weird noise, it may have an electrical issue.
  3. It's leaking water. If there's moisture damage near the inside system, that's a tell-tale sign you need a repair.
  4. There's not great airflow. If your furnace isn't distributing air like before, it may need an air filter repair.
  5. It's not maintaining consistent temperature. If some areas of your home are hotter or colder than others, your furnace needs repairing.
  6. It's not turning on or won't shut off. If this is an issue, you may need a new thermostat.
  7. You're experiencing higher energy bills. No one wants a higher bill. If your bill has doubled, it's time for a repair.

If you've experienced any of these issues, don't panic. We can be at your house or business to repair your furnace in no time. Call now to inquire about our furnace repairs.